Elestial Sound Spring Showcase at Gallery Protocol

This Saturday Elestial Sound teamed up with Gallery Protocol for the Elestial Sound Spring Showcase that featured a blend of modern music and art.

The concert took place in the backyard of Protocol, 2029 NW 6th St. Doors opened at 7 PM and allowed attendees to look at art currently being displayed in Protocol before the concert began at 8 PM.

People young and old strolled through the gallery until they heard the the hypnotic sound of the first artist, Kane Pour, calling them outside.

Everyone began to gather around the stage which looked as if it was engulfed in neon flames with beams of LED light illuminating the stage while mushrooms and crystals grew from the floor of the stage.

“Inspiration for the stage was based on artwork by Cody Wicker,” said Anastasiya Zolotukhin, who helped build and design the stage. “This art was originally from a zine that Cody created that was a visual representation of a sixteen track artist compilation that Elestial Sound released.”

Elestial Sound is an independent record label based in Gainesville that works to allow its musicians the freedom to create the type of music that they want to.

Protocol is a contemporary art gallery that houses works of art from Gainesville and beyond. During the Elestial Sound Spring Showcase, Protocol had “The Hollow that Echoes” exhibit by Jared Sprecher.

This concert brought families, college students and Gainesville residents all together for a night that revolved around the appreciation of music and art.

People showed their appreciation for the music in a variety of different ways. Some swayed their head and bodies along flowing beat of the music. Some were more bold and let the music overtake their entire body as they danced. Some stood in the back and chatted quietly with their friends as they took in the concert.

One woman danced with a hula-hoop while four young children tried to copy her moves with matching hoops behind her. As the night got darker, the woman turned on the LED lights in her hoops.

The children that were copying her got tired and found a soft space on the grass to admire hooping while enjoying some snacks from the food truck, FED Food Company.

FED is a mobile food kitchen that serves only locally grown foods that are in season with options for the meat lovers and vegans alike.

Protocol closed at 8 PM when the concert began, but there was an outdoor gallery with work by Cody William Wicker that guests admired between sets or as they swayed along to the music.

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Diarrhea Planet at High Dive this Sunday

Diarrhea Planet will be playing at High Dive this Sunday. Here is a link to the Facebook event for more info.

Diarrhea Planet is quite the unique band, and it is for more than just their bizarre name. Their band is led by four guitarists. Their pop-punk sound makes their music easy and fun to listen to. You will find yourself nodding along to the catchy choruses as the four different guitarists take turns taking the lead on the solo.

Just listening to their music through headphones cannot compare to this band in person though. Diarrhea Planet is known to produce an extremely high energy show that rubs off onto the audience making them a live must-see.

That is my favorite song of their newest EP, Aliens in the Outfield. The EP starts off with this high energy song that showcases the vocalist’s angsty voice mixed with emotional lyrics that still possess some kind of youthful hopefulness.

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Big Orange Festival Brings T-Pain to Gainesville

This Friday T-Pain will be preforming for free at the University of Florida’s Big Orange Festival in the Reitz Grand Ball Room.

Ticket are available for pickup tomorrow at the 2nd floor registration desk in the Reitz Union. Students must have their Gator1 ID and can pick up one additional ticket. There will be no bags allowed at the event so plan accordingly.

There will be a line for students who didn’t receive a ticket on Friday, but students with tickets will be let in first.

T-Pain is reminiscent of the golden days of middle school dances. I can remember his hit single “Bartender” playing as I awkwardly danced along to the beat of the song. I think the nostalgia associated with his music is what is going to make this concert so enjoyable. Although he has released new music recently, it just hasn’t dominated the charts the way that he did between 2005-2009. This doesn’t mean that his music is outdated though, it just means that this is going to be a bit more of a throwback concert.

Below is a video of T-Pain doing a show for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. I think it accurately showcases his talent and his voice without autotune.

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Sylvan Esso in Gainesville March 28th

Sylvan Esso will be at The Wooly on March 28th, and this will be the ONLY central Florida show. Tickets are expected to sell out sometime this week, so get yours soon!

Sylvan Esso has been an obsession of mine since they released their self-titled album in May 2014 because this band combines two of my favorite genres of music that I would have never guessed could blend so perfectly together. Leader singer, Amelia Meath who is a indie-folk singer from the Mountain Man, combined forces with Nick Sanborn who is an bassist for Megafaun to create a sound that combines the best aspects of both genres. Meath’s voice seems to dance along rhythmically to the beats that Sanborn produces as she often makes up sounds that match perfectly to Sanborn’s beats. One of my favorite songs from the album is “Dreamy Bruises,” and this song is a perfect example of Meath’s playful voice.

Meath ends the song with the repetition of:

Fill me like a song do

At first listen, her lyrics seem to be nonsensical, melodic words strung together for their poetic sound, but watching the music video as well as reading the lyrics alone helped me to come to the conclusion that this song is comparing being with someone who is a good fit for you to the sensation that a person gets when they listen to a song they love and the pleasure that it brings to them. She is comparing the common feeling of joy between these two experiences and how it seems to fill a person up.

This band has received a lot of acclaim for their self-titled album from being featured on Pitchfork’s Top Albums of 2014 and NPR’s First Listen, so they will be featured on some of the biggest festivals in America this year as well as having a national tour. This is a band that you definitely don’t want to miss.


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Hundred Waters in Gainesville this Saturday

Hundred Waters will be at The Wooly this Saturday. There are still some tickets available for purchase here. They are a Gainesville native band.

This band has received much acclaim for their most recent album, The Moon Rang Like a Bell, including making it onto the Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums of 2014 as well as their song, “Show Me Love” being featured in a Coca Cola Superbowl commercial. This band has a soothing, melodic sound that sends a variety of messages from that of the importance of compassion, love and understanding to overcoming sadness. Their songs possess a quality of poetic introspection which is enhanced by the lead singer’s, Nicole Miglis, soft, yet enthralling voice. You can watch the powerful ad featuring their song below.

What is so particularly interesting about this band is their history together. Three members of the band, Trayer Tryon, Paul Giese, and Zach Tetreault, started making music together in middle school and continued to work together throughout high school and then moved to Gainesville, Florida, where they lived together and studied at the University of Florida. They eventually met the other members of the band while studying music at UF.

My personal favorite song of theirs is “Down From the Rafters.” My favorite part of the song is:

Make it feel
Like I never met ya”

Nicole Miglis’ voice mixed with the electronic songs in the background transform and blend these lyrics to play with alliteration to make it seem as if the similar sounding words transform as the background music progresses. Their music possesses such poetic qualities that it is easy to get lost in their soothing sound.

You can listen to the song below.

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Frank 2015 brings free Jazz show to Bo Diddley Plaza

Starting at 6 p.m. tonight at Bo Diddley Plaza, there will be a food trucks and live Jazz music. Music starts at 7 pm, and this is a free concert open to the public.

Up until this past October, Bo Diddley Plaza has never been used as a concert venue before Fest 13. Descendents were the first band to perform there. Bo Diddley Plaza is such a great venue because it is spacious and leveled so that it is possible to see the stage from the back. This venue is so nice because it is located in the center of downtown, and it is outdoors so you can watch the sunset as you enjoy some food from the food trucks or surrounding restaurants in downtown and watch the sunset as you wait for the concert to start.

Flat Land will be the opening band. They are a Gainesville native band and describe their sound as “soulful funk pop.” This four person band has a unique spin on Jazz music. On their website, the band cites that their music has elements that resemble “Stevie Wonder funk” and “occasional chaos of avant-garden blues revivalist Jack White.”

Preservation Hall Jazz Band will be the closing act, and they are from New Orleans, Louisiana. This band has traveled all over the world spreading the sound of New Orleans Jazz and keeping alive one of the most powerful genres of music and has left a very important legacy. Jazz music arose in America during the early twentieth century thanks to African Americans that were segregated and forced to live in the ghettos. Their music quickly became popular and continues to influence music regardless of the genre to this day. This band will be at Electric Forest, a popular, predominantly EDM festival in Michigan this summer as well as Peach Music Festival. This is a great opportunity to see an extremely talented band live and for free.

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UF Student Government Presents Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros & The Knocks

This Friday on Flavet Field at 7:30 p.m. there will be a free concert open to the public thanks to the UF student government.

The indie rock band, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, is an 11 member group that draws inspiration from the hippie movement of the ’60s and ’70s. They have headlined at major music festivals across America like Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, etc. Their most recent album is self-titled and the focus is love. Not just love for your significant other or best friend, but love for everyone and everything. Their positive, happy-go-lucky lyrics and the upbeat, folk sounding guitars mixed with a few other instruments makes anyone listening want to dance and smile.

Their most popular song is “Home,” and I think it embodies everything that is so wonderful about this band. You can listen to this song below.

Although The Knocks don’t necessarily fit into my music taste, their electro-pop sound will be a good, high energy opener for Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. This electro-duo consists of Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson. They are also known for their funky remixes of songs from all different genres due to their diverse taste in music. They have worked with some of the biggest names in electronic music industry like Skrillex, and they have worked with a diverse group of smaller DJs like Com Truise, Jaybird, and Edwin Van Cleef.

A song of theirs that stands out to me is The Knocks’ “Learn to Fly” Com Truise remix. One of the most interesting aspects of electronic music is the evolution of songs through remixes as other artists add a new take or a new angle to the song. Com Truise is known for his self-declared “slow-motion funk” sound, so he added layers onto this traditional electronic dance music song to transform it into a song that suits his genre (and my music taste) more. You can listen to the remix below.

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