Frank 2015 brings free Jazz show to Bo Diddley Plaza

Starting at 6 p.m. tonight at Bo Diddley Plaza, there will be a food trucks and live Jazz music. Music starts at 7 pm, and this is a free concert open to the public.

Up until this past October, Bo Diddley Plaza has never been used as a concert venue before Fest 13. Descendents were the first band to perform there. Bo Diddley Plaza is such a great venue because it is spacious and leveled so that it is possible to see the stage from the back. This venue is so nice because it is located in the center of downtown, and it is outdoors so you can watch the sunset as you enjoy some food from the food trucks or surrounding restaurants in downtown and watch the sunset as you wait for the concert to start.

Flat Land will be the opening band. They are a Gainesville native band and describe their sound as “soulful funk pop.” This four person band has a unique spin on Jazz music. On their website, the band cites that their music has elements that resemble “Stevie Wonder funk” and “occasional chaos of avant-garden blues revivalist Jack White.”

Preservation Hall Jazz Band will be the closing act, and they are from New Orleans, Louisiana. This band has traveled all over the world spreading the sound of New Orleans Jazz and keeping alive one of the most powerful genres of music and has left a very important legacy. Jazz music arose in America during the early twentieth century thanks to African Americans that were segregated and forced to live in the ghettos. Their music quickly became popular and continues to influence music regardless of the genre to this day. This band will be at Electric Forest, a popular, predominantly EDM festival in Michigan this summer as well as Peach Music Festival. This is a great opportunity to see an extremely talented band live and for free.


About ashbystrauch

Ashby Strauch is a journalism student at the University of Florida with a love for the Earth and its inhabitants. She is passionate about learning, storytelling and social media. Ashby is currently a staff writer for GainesvilleScene and a health reporter for The Student Body Magazine. She aspires to tell the stories that need to be told--whatever they are and wherever that takes her. One of her particular interests is how storytelling can bring about societal change. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music and spending time outdoors. Her mantra: be the person your dog thinks you are.
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