Sylvan Esso in Gainesville March 28th

Sylvan Esso will be at The Wooly on March 28th, and this will be the ONLY central Florida show. Tickets are expected to sell out sometime this week, so get yours soon!

Sylvan Esso has been an obsession of mine since they released their self-titled album in May 2014 because this band combines two of my favorite genres of music that I would have never guessed could blend so perfectly together. Leader singer, Amelia Meath who is a indie-folk singer from the Mountain Man, combined forces with Nick Sanborn who is an bassist for Megafaun to create a sound that combines the best aspects of both genres. Meath’s voice seems to dance along rhythmically to the beats that Sanborn produces as she often makes up sounds that match perfectly to Sanborn’s beats. One of my favorite songs from the album is “Dreamy Bruises,” and this song is a perfect example of Meath’s playful voice.

Meath ends the song with the repetition of:

Fill me like a song do

At first listen, her lyrics seem to be nonsensical, melodic words strung together for their poetic sound, but watching the music video as well as reading the lyrics alone helped me to come to the conclusion that this song is comparing being with someone who is a good fit for you to the sensation that a person gets when they listen to a song they love and the pleasure that it brings to them. She is comparing the common feeling of joy between these two experiences and how it seems to fill a person up.

This band has received a lot of acclaim for their self-titled album from being featured on Pitchfork’s Top Albums of 2014 and NPR’s First Listen, so they will be featured on some of the biggest festivals in America this year as well as having a national tour. This is a band that you definitely don’t want to miss.



About ashbystrauch

Ashby Strauch is a journalism student at the University of Florida with a love for the Earth and its inhabitants. She is passionate about learning, storytelling and social media. Ashby is currently a staff writer for GainesvilleScene and a health reporter for The Student Body Magazine. She aspires to tell the stories that need to be told--whatever they are and wherever that takes her. One of her particular interests is how storytelling can bring about societal change. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music and spending time outdoors. Her mantra: be the person your dog thinks you are.
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